1. creativity meets precision

    Shareef Galvaan started Signal Studio to help companies target and engage their customers more effectively and bring their brands to life through quality design and strategic marketing. With ten years experience in branding, web design and digital marketing, we are sought after for our technical knowledge, attention to detail and creativity.

    Shareef Galvaan

    - Director, Designer & Digital Marketing Strategist -

  2. our services

    Whether you're launching an exciting new brand or need to reinvent an existing one, we bring
    the necessary creative vision and big-picture expertise to bring your brand to life.

    brand identity

    Whether you're launching a new brand or need help refreshing an existing one, the real design task is developing a comprehensive visual style that expresses your brand's motto and inspires your audience. We look at your brand comprehensively, and use design to create an entire experience.

    Website & digital

    We thrive on building scalable websites that are able to evolve with our clients needs. By creating beautiful design UI and UX that integrates with powerful CMS like Wordpress and ExpressionEngine, we are able to help our clients grow their audience while managing their own content easily.

    collateral design

    Printed materials give a tangible experience that helps us tell a story with paper, printing techniques, various stocks and paper weights. From brochures, business cards, and stationery to sales sheets, annual reports and more, we can create beautifully designed pieces that communicate value.


    A truly compelling brand voice extends beyond the visual expression to encompass every aspect of the organization. We understand that the art of communication is a vital one, so let us partner with you to transform your business and strike a chord with your audience.

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